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Polish Arab

Hello everyone!,
  I just returned from a trip to Wyoming (to see a man about a horse).  I purchased Big Sky Darth.  He is a Polish bred Arab with Maligg as Sire  and Tezmar on the Dam side.  Does anyone out there have any relation to us?  Sorry about being so vague I could list all the names on his papers, but that would be too long. 
  I purchased him from Lila and Dr. Tarr out of Cody Wy.  As soon as I entered the farm I spotted him out and fell in love.  He is an "in your pocket" type of personality with correct conformation.  I am interested in learning more about the Polish mind set.  I have owned Crabbett and a Spanish bred arab who were very sweet and laid back, but know very little of Polish lines.  I know, I know, but I fell in love with this horse before I got out of the car.
  I will be bringing him home to Washington state in early summer and will be researching for a trainer in my general area.  Fell free to email me privately at
Sincerely and very excited abut my new horse,
Enumclaw, WA

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