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Thanks for your responses.  Perhaps I should have made myself
a little more clear.  Yes, my horse has only high gear BUT, it is
high gear in that gait.  So, actually he has a nice walk and only'
occasionally does the jigging thing, when he trots he trots FAST,
and when we canter he goes FAST.  Occasionally he will break into
a run from a trot but is usually easy to pull back down into a
trot.  He will get carried away when running and I will NOT let
him run full speed.  But, he is a stuggle at the canter.  In the
arena we are doing about 50' circles at the canter.  Much smaller
and it feels like he will fall.  Longing he runs full out as well.
I stopped using the round pen as he never seemed to tire, even
doing constant direction changes.  I will keep working on the
arena exercises.  I have had the saddle fit checked and have
used an equine massage therapist.  I have tried various headgear
but find a simple full cheek snaffle works best.  I almost always
ride alone, sometimes ponying my other horse.  I will try your
advice.  I never liked the feeling of being out of control (when
he got to running) but was afraid I may squelch his enthusiasm
for the trails (he HATES arena work...throwing occasional temper
tantrums....which he never wins, by the way).  He is a non-spooky
trail horse who just loves to run.  He runs in the field all the
time (no tack or anything to bother him) just for the heck of it.
He flies around with obvious arrogance and does advanced dressage
movements just for fun.  He is a real treat to watch.  He also
comes up to me at a full gallop when it is time to go for a ride.
He just strikes me as a horse who loves life and I would really
like to maintain control without quenching his fire. Thanks.

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