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Re: RE: red ants

Great info, I just can't let my boyfriend see this one. WE are both in the
reserves, and he just might do everything on the list except get the
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From: robert and carla lawson <>
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Sent: October 25, 1999 1:45 PM
Subject: RC: RE: red ants

> Carla Lawsons easy steps for fire ants
> 1) try raid
> 2) try urine (as suggested by howard)
> 3) make a perimeter by digging a trench 4ft wide by 6ft deep
> 4) build large fire in trench
> 5) after fire has burned out bulldoze over trench
> 6) build 6ft barrier around the ant hill
> 7) fill with gasoline and set fire
> 8) after fire has burned out dig a small opening in ant hill
> 9) pour drano,comet,gasoline,bleach,raid,a few dead batteries,some diesel,
> and paint thinner in hole
> 10) set fire
> 11) run like hell
> 12) after fire subsides contact local Army reserve center
> 13) try to arrange purchase of Nuclear warhead
> 14) following laughter on the phone you will hear a click and dial tone
> 15) Contact local zoo for the purchase of an anteater
> 16) pick up anteater
> 17) bury anteater after autopsy reports of ingesting chemicals (listed
> above) from eating some ants
> 18) move
> 19)dynamite area
> 20) sell said area to land developers for a household waste facility
> Its monday we need some humor here I thought
> I actually used drano and bleach and set fire worked till I realized they
> moved to my neighbors yard ;0D
> Carla
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