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RE: red ants

Carla Lawsons easy steps for fire ants
1) try raid
2) try urine (as suggested by howard)
3) make a perimeter by digging a trench 4ft wide by 6ft deep
4) build large fire in trench
5) after fire has burned out bulldoze over trench
6) build 6ft barrier around the ant hill
7) fill with gasoline and set fire
8) after fire has burned out dig a small opening in ant hill
9) pour drano,comet,gasoline,bleach,raid,a few dead batteries,some diesel, 
and paint thinner in hole
10) set fire
11) run like hell
12) after fire subsides contact local Army reserve center
13) try to arrange purchase of Nuclear warhead
14) following laughter on the phone you will hear a click and dial tone
15) Contact local zoo for the purchase of an anteater
16) pick up anteater
17) bury anteater after autopsy reports of ingesting chemicals (listed 
above) from eating some ants
18) move
19)dynamite area
20) sell said area to land developers for a household waste facility

Its monday we need some humor here I thought
I actually used drano and bleach and set fire worked till I realized they 
moved to my neighbors yard ;0D


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