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Re: RC: abetta saddle trees

At 07:19 AM 10/14/99 -0700, Heidi Christensen wrote:
>I don't post to this list, but I do enjoy reading everything.  I have a
>question I hope someone can answer for me.
>I am thinking of getting an abetta saddle, but in the catalog they list
>the tree sizes as  1.  an abetta all around  2.  an abetta endurance  3.
>an abetta pro tuff
>Does anyone know the differences of these trees?
>Thanks for all your help

I don't know if the trees are really any different.  They are all synthetic
trees.  We own 2 Abettas, and I have really mixed emotions about them.
They tear up pretty easily, but then they also aren't an expensive saddle,
so I suppose you get what you pay for.  We've had a breast collar ring and
a tail crupper ring pull out on one of them, and that's been pretty
annoying.  I don't mind sitting in it, but Jennifer doesn't like it much.
I guess the real test is whether it fits _your_ horse and _your_ bottom.
It fit an old QH we used to have just about perfectly and never made his
back sore.  OTOH, the rigging is too far forward for another of our horses,
and it chafes her.  It fit my wallet pretty well when I bought it, so
that's a factor, too 8-) Got me down the road until I could afford better,
so I guess it did the job as long as needed.

We broke down and spent more on one of Marilyn Horstmeyer's saddles, and
have been very, very happy with it.  Good, solid saddle, fits the horse
well, fits us, and I know there have been times I would have ended up on
the ground were it not for the way the saddle was built.  We just put the
down payment on another.

Anyway, more than you asked, but I seem incapable of the short answer...


David LeBlanc

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