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Re: Re: Re: nutrition in foundered horse-Purina's WWW

Seems to me, someone was seeking Purina's equine website several days ago.
Here's the address:

It includes the nutritional content of all Purina's horse feeds, Strategy
included.  Strategy is touted as a high energy feed (think it's 6% fat).
The site is, however, curiously vague as to exactly how Strategy is to be
used.  As I recall from trying a bag a number of years ago, the feed was to
be added at a certain, somewhat generous percentage to the horse's regular
daily feed.  If memory serves me, I didn't care for the feed.  I had a horse
I was doing combined training with at the time.  Protein content was too
high and it seemed to make my horse too "energetic" for dressage.

Susan Swope-Attardi
AERC Southeast Region
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Sent: Monday, October 25, 1999 2:03 PM
Subject: RC: Re: Re: nutrition in foundered horse

> There are 2 broad classes of carbohydrates - structural and non
> It is the non structural carbs (from grain, spring grass) that should be
> primarily digested in the foregut and that can cause laminitis if they
> the hindgut undigested. Structural carbohydrates are digested by
> microorganisms in the hind gut and do not generally cause laminitis. Grass
> (or any forage) creates more structural carbs at the expense of non
> structural carbs as it matures.
> Protein is required for repair of the damage, so if the horses diet was
> marginal in protein content (or deficient in one of the essential amino
> acids) because of hay quality, the addition of protein might be in order.
> OTH, if dietary protein is sufficient, the addition of protein will not
> and can create some other problems.
> Does Strategy have a high fat content? I don't like simplistic protein
> percentage numbers - they can be misleading. A much better number would be
> protein normalized to digestible energy. For example, midbloom timothy at
> 8.6% protein supplies more protein than oats at 11.8 % protein if one was
> substituted for the other and caloric intake was kept constant. High fat
> feeds need a higher simple protein percentage in order to maintain
> protein intake.
> This brings up another question - is Strategy an energy dense feed? The
> thing a foundered horse needs is higher caloric intake.
> One other comment. I would not recommend a feed store nutrtionist - there
> high probability of getting a salesman who calls himself a nutritionist.
> one recommended by a vet.
> Duncan Fletcher
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