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Re: nutrition in foundered horse

Dyane Smith wrote:
> One of the vets at Alamo Pintado (a vet clinic in So Cal that does a lot of
> surgery) told me recently that they see laminitis a lot, not in the first
> flush of spring grass, but later, after the horse is fat and the grass
> starts to dry, because, at that time, the grass is higher in _____???
> carbohydrates?
> Dyane
> N. Ca

Where do they have a "flush of spring grass" in Southern California?!? I
want to live there! ;-)

Grass -- at least the early spring version -- contains a high level of
the carbohydrate glucose, which sparks lactic acid production in the gut
like grain does. Maybe the glucose is more concentrated in the dry
grass...or maybe the horses are being grained more to make up for the
grass drying out. This is speculation on my part--Sarah are you out there?

Southern Calif.

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