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Re: RC: Re: Curtis Cox

In a message dated 10/25/99 2:19:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 

<< Heidi,
 Some more questions: What did he breed "for"? What type of horses was he
 known to produce? Disciplines? What was his "niche"?
 Lauren >>

I wasn't close to Curtis, but it was my impression that he was after more of 
a "type" than a discipline.  He was a CMK breeder, and was pretty much after 
the sort of type exemplified by horses such as Las Trad, Aurab, etc.  His 
overall group tended to have good balance and good strong rear 
ends--something that one doesn't often see emphasized sufficiently.  They 
tended to be a very useable sorts of horses but still quite adequately typey.


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