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Re: RC: nutrition in foundered horse

Hi Gwen-
thanks for your e mail.  No, I dont really think my farrier knows much
about nutrition, only reason I asked about hi protien in foundered horses
was Sandy had found a web site for farriers and it said something about
that also.

Jim(my farrier) has some wierd ideas about a lot of things- like once y2k
hits we'll all be living in the dark ages etc etc.
BUT he is doing a great job on my horses feet.  I'd been thru several
farriers past 7 yrs since we've lived here.   even got desperate about a yr
ago and was hauling to Ocala(4 hrs each way)  to get my horses feet done.
he'd had some on and off grade 1 lameness that no one could figure out w/ x
rays, nerve blocks, ultraround, acupuncture etc.

Then started using Jim.  I only made that comment about second guessing him
cause that's my nature...
He uses these wide web alum eggbar shoes w/ heel wedges on Shameless's
front feet.  I questioned the wedges cause he had good heels to begin with.
He's been sound ever since though.  Jim reshod him the day before we did a
100 2 weeks ago and me being me I asked my usual questions about his heel
and thats when he said to just shut up and ride and quit worrying about his
feet.  he said thats what it takes to keep him in balance, despite how
wierd it looks.

Sorry, got a little off the subject there...
About bloodwork in Sandy's foundered horse, I think she had CBC/profile
done a yr or so ago, not sure about Thyroid panal.
I'm forwarding everyone's ridecamp posts to her.  I just want to see this
poor horse out of pain.   some days he can barely move at the walk.  his
feet are 2 different lengths and angles(to the point where even I can see
it)  and I think if she finds a more knowledgeable farrier he would do much

Anita Carlson

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