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GiWaNi Pony Boy Relationship Training Seminar

Hi all,

My husband & I went to a Relationship Training Seminar by GiWaNi
Pony Boy yesterday at Canterbury in Newberry, FL.  I just want to
tell you that we both agreed that we learned an enormous amount
of good stuff Saturday -- my husband isn't even a horse person,
and thoroughly enjoyed the day and says he greatly values all he

GiWaNi doesn't teach any "quick fixes" -- what he does is to help
you understand how to have a successful relationship with your
horse.  He prescribes "building blocks" of training exercises to
help solve a wide variety of problems.  He says 5% of all
problems are caused by physical things (health problems,
bad-fitting tack, etc.) - 10% of all problems are caused by
Communication (horse doesn't understand what you're trying to
communicate to it -- and he gives advice on how to communicate in
a way the horse will understand) - and 85% of all problems are
caused by Relationship difficulties.

I won't go into all that he teaches -- I will tell you that it
was by far the best $45 I've ever spent, and in a lifetime of
riding horses and taking lessons and reading books, watching
videos, talking with knowledgeable people, etc., I learned far
more yesterday in each and every moment of the day than I have
ever learned anywhere else!  And GiWaNi PonyBoy may well have
helped my non-horse-person husband decide that he, too, can be a
horseperson and enjoy it!

If you get the opportunity to attend one of his Relationship
Training seminars, by all means take full advantage of it!  It is
time very well spent!  His book "Horse, Follow Closely" is
beautiful, and excellent, and he also has 2 more books out now.
He has also just finished shooting a series of training videos
which should be coming out next year, and he will be doing a
national tour of 3-day weekend clinics next year -- teaching what
he taught us yesterday, but also on the 3rd day doing diagnostics
on your horse -- leading your horse through a series of exercises
to get an idea of what's going on, and then giving you a
"training prescription" of exercises you can do with your horse
to improve the situation.

I just wanted to let y'all know, in this confusing world of so
many "experts" -- that GiWaNi PonyBoy is an outstanding teacher
(highly articulate, excellent sense of humor, communicates
extremely well and very clearly to all, including children) who
teaches very valuable, practical knowledge we can all use on a
daily basis to improve our relationships with all our horses and
thus solve a lot of problems without having to buy expensive
equipment or spend a lot of money to do so ...

By all means, learn from him if you get the opportunity.  You
will be glad you did.

Hawk's Haven Farm
Micanopy, Florida

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