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Bits,Martingale`s.....unidentified subject

Please , describe a Kimberwick bit, is it similar to a Tom Thumb? What is the difference, and when I purchased my Arab mare, she was ridden with a snaffle w/shanks, about 4 inches long. My riding instructer called it a Tom Thumb, but it sounds so like what others decsribe as a Kimberwick. Is this like the '' lope '' vs.
'' canter '' terms ? This mare has some definate barn sour/herd bound issues, and was also ridden with a full running martingale. I have been doing some arena work with her , to get some lateral control and to get her to collect. She has lots of impulsion and would also like to be high headed.She hates the arena work, but is beginning to settle in after the first 20 mins.Is a perfect angel on the trail with other horses along.....a much different story when we work alone.....she becomes very insecure. Please , any suggestions on bits, keeping the head where I have a bit more control , or stay with the martingale.....We do the arena work with a fat snaffle. :):)    Thank you, Sherrie from Redmond      

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