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Re: RC: Bits,Martingale`s.....unidentified subject

A kimberwick is not the same as a tom thumb curb. Kimberwick cheeks look
like the cheeks on a dee ring snaffle with little slots at the bottom and
the top of the dee for your reins. The shank on this bit is only a couple
of inches so it is much shorter than that of the tom thumb. Most arabs tend
to dislike the tom thumb curb because of the jointed mouthpiece which
couses breakover in the mouth, but they tend to do well with a ported
kimberwick or a mullen mouth tom thumb pelham.Both of these bits will have
zero breakover and encourage the horse to lower his head. The kimberwick
has rein slots, the top slot gives snaffle/non-leverage action and the
bottom slot would engage the curb chain giving curb/leverage action. The
pelham has rein rings the top giving snaffle action and the bottom giving
curb action. This bit can also be ridden with double reins so you could
alternate between snaffle and curb as needed during a ride.
At 07:27 AM 10/24/99 -0700, McClain wrote:
>    Please , describe a Kimberwick bit, is it  similar to a Tom Thumb? What
>is the difference, and when I purchased my Arab  mare, she was ridden with
>a snaffle w/shanks, about 4 inches long. My riding  instructer called it a
>Tom Thumb, but it sounds so like what others decsribe as  a Kimberwick. Is
>this like the '' lope '' vs.           

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