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Unknown trailer make


I hope to be joining the ranks of those who can trailer their own horses
to rides pretty soon! I still have my eye on a Brenderup for the future
(I'll be towing with a Ford Explorer set up for the job) but tomorrow I
pick up my first horse trailer. It's a 10 yr old True Track (or Tru
Track?) made by Trail-et.  Needs some welding work where the ramp meets
the frame, but it's in sound condition overall.

If anyone has any experience with this trailer, please respond
privately.  It's an aluminum skin, steel frame, 2 horse, side by side,
bumper pull.  Weighs ~2250 lbs empty I'm told.

I'd like to re-paint the inside and a friend offered to help me with his
spray gun. Any suggestions as to what type of paint (it's steel skin
inside, I think) is safer for horses, if that is an issue?


Laurel Hickey (and Lori in NY...ECTRA territory)

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