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Re: RC: buying a horse/warning

In a message dated 10/14/99 8:31:44 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< So anyone can order a vet check while the seller sells 
 to a higher bidder?That is ridiculous!Contract or not, What happened to 
 honesty and simply taking someone at their word?
Boy, would I like to know the answer to THAT. Having been stabbed in the back 
by two bUYERS in the last 4 years - one was evena friend - both with WRITTEN 
contracts, both sound, and the BUYER failed to just plain pay for the horses, 
we are not inclined to trust It is difficult event to take some people at 
their WRITTEN word, let alone verbal, and since no one that I know can read 
minds, it is impossible to really tell. The bottom line is that without a 
deposit, and a contract, the horse still belongs to the seller and is still 
available. The mistake was not leaving a deposit. As to taking care that they 
don't cash your check, that is also in teh contract so that if the horse 
fails the exam and they have cashed your check, it is open and shut in small 
claims. Of course, it would be a different matter if the horse PASSES the vet 
check and the buyer simply backs out. 

 What happened to doing what 
 is right? The norm here is to not trust anyone, lie to make a buck and never 
 mind who gets hurt. >>
This is not fair nor correct. The NORM ANYWHERE is to protect one's self, and 
from first hand experience I can tell you that wisdom would dictate doing 
just that. I can't tell you the stress and ultimate expense being thrust on 
us by one of the parties who defaulted and is now suing US! For what, you 
ask? Well, BOARD, pain and suffering....get the drift? Written contract, had 
the horse for 3 years...never paid....make sense? It doesn't to me but there 
it is. 

In any case, when you truly want to buy a horse, a contract and a deposit is 
imperative or you really don't have a deal. Terribly sad, I think, but true. 
The seller has every right to collect $$ form the first buyer who makes an 
acceptable offer. 

Just for the fun of it, who paid the vet?

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