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buying a horse/warning

so, the risk falls on the buyer, send a check as a deposit to hold the horse 
pending a vet check, what is my guarantee that the check will not be 
cashed?Is ordering a vetting not enough of a reason to hold the horse for the 
buyer paying for it? So anyone can order a vet check while the seller sells 
to a higher bidder?That is ridiculous!Contract or not, What happened to 
honesty and simply taking someone at their word? What happened to doing what 
is right? The norm here is to not trust anyone, lie to make a buck and never 
mind who gets hurt. Oh and if you don't cross every t and dot every i,  plan 
on getting stabbed in the back by a fellow ridecamper.
This is the attitude of at least half of the people who have e-mailed me 

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