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Re: RC: Reaction to Vaccine

I think this is true for humans as well.


Roberta Jo Lieberman wrote:

> Even conservative veterinary practitioners and schools are rethinking
> their recommended vaccination schedules these days -- and I stole that
> sentence directly from a recent article in the Whole Dog Journal
> ("Current Thoughts on Shots," August 1999). Although some of the
> specifics are aimed at dogs, the main concepts are applicable to all
> companion animals. Here's a few more highlights from the article:
>  According to some veterinary immunologists, we sometimes may be doing
> more harm than good by immunizing our furry friends. Vaccination has
> eradicated much disease, but is increasingly associated with autoimmune
> diseases, allergies, behavior problems and more, especially in animals
> who may be predisposed to immune system problems that can stress the system.
>  According to Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM, a "moderate" voice in the vaccine
> debate, "vaccinating...annually against all the diseases that exist is
> too much." In a study of 1,200 dogs tracked to identify duration of
> immunity, "94.4% of the dogs still had adequate immunities to parvovirus
> and 97.3% were protected against long as six years after
> the vaccination."
>  "Many veterinarians and an increasing number of veterinary schools are
> rewriting their vaccination protocols to recommend three-year intervals
> between shots rather than annual boosters. Colorado State University's
> College of Veterinary Medicine is one of these."  (The American
> Association of Feline Practitioners -- equivalent to our AAEP -- has
> recommended similar intervals for cats.)
> The following methods of reducing the risk of vaccine-related problems
> cited in the article includes:
>  <instead of automatic revaccination>, measure antibodies through titer
> testing and revaccinate when indicated by low titers
>  reduce the incidence of booster shots to every three years after the
> first annual booster is given
>  give INDIVIDUAL vaccines instead of combination shots, and don't give
> several shots at one time
>  only vaccinate for those diseases that are endemic locally or for
> which your animal is at risk
>  watch your animal closely for several weeks following vaccination to
> look for any reactions that might influence your future vaccination
> decisions. ANY health problems following vaccination should be noted,
> whether the reaction is a hot spot outbreak, ear infection or something
> more dramatic, such as an epilectic seizure. It may be wise not to
> administer the same vaccine in the future to any animal who reacts to
> the shot one or more times
>  do not deworm or initiate new medicines at the time of vaccination.
> While ceasing all vaccines is not the goal and would be foolhardy, the
> "vaccine debate" is rapidly becoming a mainstream veterinary issue.
> For the entire article, contact The Whole Dog Journal at 800/829-9165.
> Their sister publication, the Whole Horse Journal, has run similar
> articles -- but I wanted to cite the most recent material. Hope I don't
> get dragged away for plagiarism...;-)
> Bobbie
> in Southern Calif.
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