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Re: RC: Re: Saddleright pads

Isn't the pad meant to be used inside an insert pad, and not directly 
on the skin?

A friend of mine uses an endurance model Supracor for trail riding 
likes it the best of all her pads.  She uses the endurance model 
inside her Skito pad, and uses the felt pad it came with, sometimes, 

Admittedly, she doesn't put on the miles we do.  She also evaluated 
the SaddleRight and thought it would work as well as the Supracor.

We did do a test on the floor of her garage.  She'd brought all her 
pads home, and we (don't laugh too much) took turns kneeling on each 
of them to determine which one "felt" the best and prevented our 
kneecaps from uncomfortable pressure from the concrete.  The Supracor 
won, unanimously.

Ontario, CA
Norco Riverdance Ride (PS) 9/2/00
and Rem-member Me, Celesteele

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