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Re: RC: Liberty Run Reports?

I'll come if I get asked! :) Also, if there are rides needing vets in
surrounding states (maybe even two states away... or more) I can do it---
I am lucky enough to be working part time at this time so I can have time
to do what I like to do as well! :)

Gwen Dluehosh DVM
Remington, VA

On Tue, 12 Oct 1999 22:15:12 -0400 Teddy Lancaster
<> writes:
>Next year Vickie Parker (ride > mgr)> promises to hire 3-4 more vets at
least for the first two vet > checks.  Everyone> chipped in to get the
job done they best way they could...just one > of those> things........
> Teddy

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