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Re: RC: Liberty Run Reports?

A more likely scenario is that the vets were seeing lots of problems (as
evidenced by the "lots of pulls") and wanted to make extra sure horses were
fit to continue.

Sounds like you had a great time, made good decisions and did very well!
I'm jealous.


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> Things had been going great until the 3rd vet check when the vet told me
> he wanted me to let my horse eat and drink and then he wanted to recheck
> his CRI. I thought "Oh my goodness, what is wrong with my horse!" He
> seemed perfectly fine to me, but the vet had me worried for a minute. I
> went back to the vet just before my out time and he checked his CRI and
> he said ,"You may continue." Wow, what a sigh of relief.  Needless, to
> say the same vet was pulling people right and left for CRIs.  Maybe all
> the vets got together at the beginning and said.."Lets get 'em with the
> CRI".

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