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Re: RC: Liberty Run Reports?

Good story, Ashley and CONGRATULATIONS.   
N. Ca

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From: Ashley R Creswell <>
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Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 1999 6:45 PM
Subject: RC: RC: Liberty Run Reports?

> I just got started into endurance less than 4 months ago, however, I
> have managed to squeeze in three 50 milers in that time. All due to my
> devoted Aunt.....Thanks Angie!!  Well, I was headed off to Liberty Run
> without her to coach me along :-(    I was not even sure if I was going
> to be able to start.  My horse was off Saturday morning on his LR , but
> before the race he seemed to work it out. I started the race with a
> friend and her horse tied-up during the first 4 miles of the race.   Now
> I was really on my own. The sand was really deep in spots, so I took it
> really easy. Other riders would fly by me through that deep sand, and I
> just knew they would end up getting pulled.....and you know what?  THEY
> DID!!  
> Most of the vet checks went ok.  However, at my 2nd check I ended up
> spending my entire 40 minutes plus some in line. That is when the 100's
> decided that it was important for them to pass us by, even if we were
> past our out time.  On a good note, ride management did a great job of
> getting water out on the trail. It was a hot and muggy day and therefore,
> the horses loved seeing those garbage cans full of H2O.  
> Things had been going great until the 3rd vet check when the vet told me
> he wanted me to let my horse eat and drink and then he wanted to recheck
> his CRI. I thought "Oh my goodness, what is wrong with my horse!" He
> seemed perfectly fine to me, but the vet had me worried for a minute. I
> went back to the vet just before my out time and he checked his CRI and
> he said ,"You may continue." Wow, what a sigh of relief.  Needless, to
> say the same vet was pulling people right and left for CRIs.  Maybe all
> the vets got together at the beginning and said.."Lets get 'em with the
> CRI".   
> 53 started the 50 miler and 21 of those got pulled. I ended up finishing
> 12th. Praise the Lord!!   66 started the 25 miler and 55 completed. 27
> started the 100 and only 11 got pulled. 
> I had a GREAT time, but I missed you Angie. Ben doen't like those real
> electrolites as much as he likes the home-made.
> Thanks for listening to my story,
> Ashley Creswell
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