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RC: Liberty Run Reports?

	I just got started into endurance less than 4 months ago, however, I
have managed to squeeze in three 50 milers in that time. All due to my
devoted Aunt.....Thanks Angie!!  Well, I was headed off to Liberty Run
without her to coach me along :-(    I was not even sure if I was going
to be able to start.  My horse was off Saturday morning on his LR , but
before the race he seemed to work it out. I started the race with a
friend and her horse tied-up during the first 4 miles of the race.   Now
I was really on my own. The sand was really deep in spots, so I took it
really easy. Other riders would fly by me through that deep sand, and I
just knew they would end up getting pulled.....and you know what?  THEY
	Most of the vet checks went ok.  However, at my 2nd check I ended up
spending my entire 40 minutes plus some in line. That is when the 100's
decided that it was important for them to pass us by, even if we were
past our out time.  On a good note, ride management did a great job of
getting water out on the trail. It was a hot and muggy day and therefore,
the horses loved seeing those garbage cans full of H2O.  
	Things had been going great until the 3rd vet check when the vet told me
he wanted me to let my horse eat and drink and then he wanted to recheck
his CRI. I thought "Oh my goodness, what is wrong with my horse!" He
seemed perfectly fine to me, but the vet had me worried for a minute. I
went back to the vet just before my out time and he checked his CRI and
he said ,"You may continue." Wow, what a sigh of relief.  Needless, to
say the same vet was pulling people right and left for CRIs.  Maybe all
the vets got together at the beginning and said.."Lets get 'em with the
	53 started the 50 miler and 21 of those got pulled. I ended up finishing
12th. Praise the Lord!!   66 started the 25 miler and 55 completed. 27
started the 100 and only 11 got pulled. 
I had a GREAT time, but I missed you Angie. Ben doen't like those real
electrolites as much as he likes the home-made.

Thanks for listening to my story,
Ashley Creswell
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