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Other safety measures

My riding partner and I always carry walkie talkies.  If we should be 
separated or when I rode and she crewed for me they really come in handy.
Most ride workers have them and we find out what channel they are on so we 
can call in if there is an emergency.  Their distance is not great but they 
have already come to our aid a couple of times.  I was training alone one day 
and talking to her at camp when I met some other riders.  They sure gave me a 
funny look and one man finally said...ummm WHO are you talking to?
We also have a GPS that we are learning to use (user friendly, my foot) but 
we are getting there with it.  I also always carry one of those little 
emergency blankets, waterproof matches (it is Oregon, after all) and water ON 
my person, not on the horse.
I am open to any suggestions from all of you with more experience than me.

Ellen, Abra & Easy
Canby, Oregon

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