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Re: RC: Liberty Run Reports?


Well, I CAN tell you that Valerie Kanavy was riding a new horse...BIG,
beautiful, built like a you-know-what...on his FIRST 100.  She lead the entire
way..galloping almost all of the last 20 miles (in MY mind stupid) with Rita
Swift and Betty Baker who finished right with her in just about 10 hours
riding time.  NONE of the top three, IMO, were able to stand for BC....(so
what's the point?).

Nina Gibson got BC on her horse's first 100!!!! (Actually, it's Duane's

Anita Carlson finished her third 100, Mary Yager finished her FIRST 100...many
other milestones..SUPER ride...GREAT weather, GREAT people!!!! (I had a blast,
can't you tell?)

Dwight Hooton was head vet...we love him, but we are losing him (at least
temporarily) to Dubai...he is taking a 6 month job there....GREAT opportunity
for him, GREAT loss to all of us...


tina hicks wrote:

> Haven't heard much about LR on the list....Any reports? stories? Heck, I'd
> settle for some just some gossip :)
> Angie, did you go?
> Tina Hicks - back on RC yet again
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