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Re: RC: Liberty Run Reports?

>I'd>settle for some just some gossip :)
>Angie, did you go?

Nope, but everybody called to rub it in that I didn't get to, so I got a
pretty good report.

I was told  LOTS of pulls...rumors ran that sometimes simply for a small
jump in CRI  ....even at a completion exam...(a little better than  50%
completion rate in 50)  LONG vet lines, ... someone who rode 100 decided
they could (and did) break line that 25's and 50's had been in for
30minutes ....(possible target for future hit man)... I'd love to hear
from the parties involved. (much more fun than re-hashing the gun debate.
 Howard was there...I'm sure he'd give the report an interesting
twist...might make a good "ring side reporter". >g<

LARGE turn out.  27 in the 100, heard anywhere from 55 to 70 in the 50,
and around 90? in the 25.

As far as results go:

I believe Valarie won the 100, not sure who she was on.  Nina Gibson was
3rd on Patrick (Goat) and took BC!!!  

Becky Russo was 1st in the 50 & BC in 4:24.  Jackie Baker (of ridecamp)
was 10th. (way to go Jackie!)

That win time is slower than this spring.  I was 5th or 6th in 4:19 and
winners were probably 30+ min. ahead of that this Spring.  The weather
sounded warm and muggy, no rain.  Probably rough on horses starting to
get winter coats, and the sand might have been worse after this drought.

Angie (I'm going to Witchdance next week...pray for NO rain!)

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