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Pepper spray and other safety measures

In a message dated Monday, October 11, 1999 4:18 PM
Subject: RC: Re[2]: RC: riding in the dark
  Sylvia wrote:  I carry the pepper spray on a long, easily broken string
> my neck (just when I ride or run alone in remote areas).  If it got hung
> on anything the string would easily break, but it is right there if I need
> it.  There is a safety tab on the spray so that it has to be released in
> order to be in "spray" mode. It sprays a very strong stream for about 20
> feet.  I haven't done any target practice (not a bad idea though), but I
> make sure I knew which way to point the thing before I started carrying it
> (wouldn't THAT be a disaster?

I've never carried pepper spray, but I'd be concerned that the wind could
blow it into the horse.  When I used to ride in the "wilds" of a city park,
I carried a dressage whip with the idea that I could whap anyone in the face
and get away.  Fortunately, I never had to use it on humans, but it came in
very handy when a great dane sized dog attacked us as we were crossing a
paved street.  I managed to whack him in the nose as he lunged at Suni and
he was immediately convinced to GO HOME.  In another dog situation, a dog
was following us and menacing the dog I had with me.  Suni just kept walking
slower and slower until THUMP, he kicked the dog.  That dog also decided it
was time to GO HOME.  That said, I am not AT ALL convinced that this would
work with bears or mountain lions, but Suni was always much more aware of
what was going on around us than either of my dogs, so I comforted myself
that he would know in advance if anything as smelly as a wild predator was
in the neighborhood.  As some others have said, I would never push my luck
by getting down off the horse.

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