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Re: RC: Re[2]: RC: riding in the dark

It surprises me sometimes what we do have to worry about just riding our 
horses.  I have never even thought about someone attacking me on horseback.  
Of course, with my spooky baby, they would run at me, and Alpine would spin 
and run.  IF I stayed on, we'd be fine....if not, let's just say, uh-oh.  

I have thought about safety alot.  When I ride, I wear a helmet, carry a hoof 
pick and very basic first aid kt, water, a lead rope, name tags on both me 
and my horse, and something to eat just in case the unexpected happens. (My 
horse is developing a taste for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, by the 
way).  I have never thought about safety from other people.  What does 
everyone here carry for that circumstance? It's a shame my Molly dog blew out 
her knee.  Anyone stupid enough to attack a person with a protection trained 
lab/pit bull mix alongside deserves what they get!  She used to love running 
with Alpine and me.

My other basic comment of the day is just a little tidbit I noticed while 
riding yesterday.  I had the day off (columbus day!), so off we went for a 
long ride.  Alpine is much stronger on his left side, so I make sure he works 
both sides just so he doesn't become one sided.  I noticed that if I'm asking 
for a strong canter, he'll pick up the left lead.  If I want that easy, 
ground covering, I'll go forever canter, he uses the right lead.  I found it 
interesting that he uses his weaker lead for that gait.  hmmmmm ....  
Something to think about.

Juli and Alpine

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