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riding in the dark

>Hi Kenzie -- I carry the pepper spray on a long, easily broken string
>around >my neck 

EEK! Flashback.  I did a really good body plant on top of a flashlight
which was hanging from a string around my neck when Kaboot flipped in the
Dark at the Hallalujah 100 last year.  That hurts...when you breath,
laugh, cough, for a long time!

I tried mace on yellowjackets once.  Boy were THEY mad!  I don't
recommend you try it on killer bees!  By the way, I was shocked that it
just spread out in a very fine mist and didn't go very far at all.  I
think half of it blew back on me.  If you're going to carry the stuff, go
for the dog spray.  It goes a long way.


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