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Re: RC: Re[2]: RC: riding in the dark

Yeah, but good luck spraying it at an attacker if you are on your horse 
without also spraying yourself and the horse!  (especially if there is any 
sort of a breeze).  We practiced with some once, it was pretty nasty 
:(.  (just be careful!)


At 07:18 PM 10/11/1999 -0400, wrote:
>In a message dated 10/11/99 3:33:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
> writes:
><<  Do you
>       attach it to your saddle, or yourself somehow?  Have you done "drills"
>       to see how fast you can get it out of where ever in case you needed it
>       in a hurry? >>
>Hi Kenzie -- I carry the pepper spray on a long, easily broken string around
>my neck (just when I ride or run alone in remote areas).  If it got hung up
>on anything the string would easily break, but it is right there if I need
>it.  There is a safety tab on the spray so that it has to be released in
>order to be in "spray" mode. It sprays a very strong stream for about 20
>feet.  I haven't done any target practice (not a bad idea though), but I did
>make sure I knew which way to point the thing before I started carrying it
>(wouldn't THAT be a disaster?).  I'm with you though, I hate that we even
>have to think about this kind of stuff.  But, we do  :(
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