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Re[2]: RC: riding in the dark


     My question with carrying pepper spray is how do you carry it?  Do you
     attach it to your saddle, or yourself somehow?  Have you done "drills"
     to see how fast you can get it out of where ever in case you needed it
     in a hurry?

     I think pepper spray is a great idea, I'm just having a hard time
     visualizing how it could comfortably be carried without making it too
     hard to get to.

     I think it was Horse Illustrated that did a series on how to be safe
     on the trail.  They were mostly moves to do with the horse to block an
     attacker, which goes back to the sharing trails discussion.  Getting
     down to make the horse less scary to visitors on the trail is a great
     idea as far as PR is concerned, but is a horrible idea as far as
     safety is concerned - I think they brought that up in the article.
     Either that, or Bonnie Prewalski (sp?) mentioned it in her Equitana

     Ya know, it's really, really sad that we have to think about these
     things at all.

     Kenzie & Zane
     Birmingham, AL

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Subject: Re: RC: riding in the dark
Date:    10/11/99 12:44 PM

In a message dated 10/11/99 6:54:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<<  I will agree that the biggest threat are humans, though.  With all the
      talk of bells, it occurred to me that it wouldn't really hurt to
      one of those police whistles to scare off ANY species of attacker. >>

I carry pepper spray.  My brother gave it to me when a mountain lion
on some people in a nearby State park.  I've only seen one mountain lion
around here and he was definitely more interested in getting AWAY from me
than making a meal out of me.  The pepper spray does make me feel a bit
safer with regard to strange humans though.


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