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Re:next ride season...Ihope

I have started three young ones on their first trail rides graduating to training rides and endurance rides. Being able to "pony" them on trail rides with experienced horses has proven to be extremely comforting and reassuring to them. I am fortunate to have trails where I feel reasonably safe letting them just trot along behind with only their halters on. They are introduced to new things ie water, rocks, tree stumps, logs to jump, etc and do not seem to be spooked at all. If their buddy and pasture mate (the one I am riding) is not bothered, neither are they. I just took my two year old on her first trail experience and she seemed to enjoy all 12 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail that we rode. When it comes time for her to be ridden on trail it will seem "old hat" to her. I did have one eight year old mare who did not seem to be attached to the "herd" as half way into the ride, she decided to "go home" and turned and disappeared down the trail. "Not to worry" I told my riding partner. "She won't leave the herd". WRONG! We found her
 waiting at the trailer. Needless to say, I did not pony her again. But I think that she is not the norm. I have gone on group rides where someone has brought along a "baby" and things have gone quite smoothly.
Any thoughts on this????

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