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Kerry Dykes
I'm sure this has been discussed at some time but I didn't see much in the archives in in view of the current thread on vosals.....

I recently decided to try my boy in a sidepull and have been absolutely amazed at the results.  I expected some rubbing of his nose and definitely some strong-willed behavior..... nada....

We tried the standard leather/hemp noseband version and that did rub his nose immediately, I went with the biothane from Sporttack and not a bit of rubbing.  I first rode him in the arena, next was on the trail with his stable buddy, then on a 4 day pleasure ride with 30 strange horses.

So far only two times has he offered the least bit of "attitude" -- the first when we were racing his stable buddy, the second about four hours into the third day of the pleasure ride and he was fed up with the pace (aka - walk).  I think he was telling me "okay mom, I understand a "controlled start" - but I wannna GO!!  The only other difference I've noticed is that he tends to go a little more "high-headed" then usual except when he's in the extended trot.

I love the freedom it gives him to eat and drink and am planning on using on my first 50 at the end of the month (Paso Del Norte).  I was wondering what experiences others may have had with sidepulls?????   Also, what's the advantage/disadvantage between sidepull, basal, vosal, hackamore, etc????  Too many questions, huh?  Thanks!

Kerry and Spiritism "get that thang outta my mouth!"
    and Lefty "I want one of those too mom...."

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