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another despooking

Like Karen, I'll pass along my despooking experience while the list is
slow.  I'm trying to find items to despook my 2.5 year old colt (thanks
again, Lif, for the list!).  I remembered the tarp & umbrella from the
thread months ago.  Last weekend, I decided to see how Spellbinder would
do.  The umbrella was just something to focus on -- he also wanted to know
if it was edible.

The tarp was a different story.  This is one of those HUGE blue tarps that
can be used as the ground cover for tents.  I unfolded it slowly in the
round pen & let him smell it & of course nibble it.  No big deal.  I walked
away to get the breast collar & the wind caught the tarp, blowing it away
from Spell.  Well he proceeded to catch it! Shaking it with his mouth &
throwing it over his head!  He stood there for a minute then backed out
from under it.  I put the breast collar on him & attached the tarp through
the grommets (?).  I then led him around while he drug the tarp.  Took the
breast collar off & threw the tarp over his back.  Now he could grab one
side & pull -- great toy.  Next move was to roll on this thing.  After
several complete rolls, he got up -- now the tarp is wrapped all around his
legs.  No big deal.  Of course he had to help when it was time to fold the
tarp up.  

So far nothing has phased this guy, so if anyone has any additional
suggestions that I can do at the barn (remember, he's not under saddle
yet), please pass them along.


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