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Re: RC: Horse Abuse

>	Endurance and other demand performance disciplines for horses creates a a
>market for horses with really good conformation for hard work which I
>believe stregthens any breed.  Hopefully, at some time that will lead to a
>lesser emphasis on breeding horses that are prone to injury when subjected
>to hard work as is the cases with horses bred only for halter.  

Earlier this year I was looking for my next endurance partner.  My old guy
(who got me through the introductions of endurance) let me know it wasn't
fun any more.  For the reasons Liz mentioned, I went to an Arabian sport
horse breeder -- not many endurance breeders in the southeast.  I spent
more money than I could have (could have bought 2 or 3 backyard Arabians
for what I spent), but the colt I bought has exceptional conformation,
movement, & attitude.  And because of those traits, I'll someday have to
decide whether I truly want to geld him.  If I didn't think he could
strengthen the breed, there would be no decision.

Vicki Wheeler

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