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Re: RC: IMPORTANT! NO HORSES say hikers in PA

In a message dated 10/6/99 8:42:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<<  WE must in the near future figure out how to
 partner up with hikers and  mountain bikers if we expect to keep our rights
 to trails.  Jerry >>

What a great point.  It really doesn't take much to say hi, smile, and even 
briefly make eye contact with hikers and mountain bikers.  Goes a long way in 
helping them (and us) to see that we're all just out enjoying the trails and 
we can share.  I've had some fun experiences recently with my young horse.  
Since he needed to learn how to be vet checked by strangers, I've had 
mountain bikers and hikers doing impromptu vet checks on the trail. Met some 
neat people, explained what endurance riding is (and learned a bit about 
mountain biking), and had some pretty funny experiences with non-horse people 
getting to know a 5 year old Arab.  Great for everybody concerned.

Sylvia & Star (How come everybody wants to check my gut sounds?)

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