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Re: RC: Riding in the dark?

In a message dated 10/6/99 10:15:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<<  No, I did not think to take a flashlight. (blonde)
 My horse was VERY unhappy that I had her out past dark. >>

Your horse isn't the one who is worried about the dark.  It's generally the 
human part of the team who has the problem.  Horses can see quite well in the 
dark and if you think about it, they're pretty used to being out in the dark. 
 She may have been hungry, but I'm pretty sure the dark wasn't a worry for 
her..  As far as conditioning, that is another story.  Just don't worry about 
darkness.  And, whatever you do, don't turn on a flashlight if you can help 
it, while you're riding in the dark -- it negatively affects a horse's night 
vision.  good luck with your training program!


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