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Re: RC: IMPORTANT! NO HORSES say hikers in PA

Bridget, I suspect Connie Berto, chairperson of the AERC Trails Committee
will respond to your request.  I've found it interesting that some, not all
hikers know how to step over or around horse do do.  I ALWAYS make it a
point when I meet hikers on the trail to stop and visit.  Let them see that
we are human like they are and that our horses are not something to fear. I
will even get off and let them pet the horse.  Kids love the interaction. 
Never the less, it takes but a very few dumb hikers to spoil the entire
issue of sharing trails.  WE must in the near future figure out how to
partner up with hikers and  mountain bikers if we expect to keep our rights
to trails.  Jerry
Hickory Ridge Arabians web page:

On Wed, 6 Oct 1999, Brickson wrote...
>I received a postcard requesting me to write to ask Pennsylvania DCNR
>Secretary to ask for essentially NO HORSES PERMITTED rules on state forest
>trails and National Scenic Trails that currently allow it, which lists names
>of trails.  Did anyone else get it?   Do you want the wording?
>In Valley Forge National Historic Park a couple weeks ago, a member of a
>prominent hiking organization yelled at me, "No manure on the trails!", even
>though my horse had not pooped for a while, but my Arabian's tail is carried
>gaily almost all the time.  This guy had just gone past an old pile *on* the
>trail, and I suppose he was angry.  He turned and followed us for a while.
>Do you get off and disperse your horses' turds on a densely-used trail?  I
>try to pull over if I know it's happening, and in the future I'll try to
>kick others' turds off even the trailside too, if that's what it takes to
>keep using trails in that particular Park.   Since last year, the hiking
>groups have started to build water bars on that particular mountain.
>How do you feel about these things?  Will you do something about them?
>Do you join in on any trail work on public trails?
>Making enemies or getting depressed about it is not useful!  Positive
>action, education, cooperation, and persistance are more effective in
>reversing this harmful trend of losing equestrian trails.  Write to
>John Oliver, Secretary, D.C.N.R
>P.O. Box 8767
>Harrisburg, PA 17105-8767
>tell him that the so-called "positive posting" (if your mode of travel isn't
>listed, then you can't use the trail) is inappropriate and confusing because
>of your good relations and privileges with private property owners near your
>public trails that do not post, and any other reasons you may want to
>mention.  Tell him how *why* you and your family enjoy riding in the state
>forests.  Be very positive.  Do it now!
>Jeff and Bridget Brickson
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