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GO FOR THE GOLD (New PS ride!)

Wendy Merendini

New Ride for Pacific Southwest Region!
Date: 11 December 1999

Trail is moderate.  This is a good ride to start the season,
and/or to introduce a new horse or new human to the sport.

Riders will travel on trails and Jeep roads through Joshua
Trees, old minerís camps, over wild horse trails. Trail overlooks the Haiwee Reservoir, and there are spectacular
views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The base camp is located on Highway 395 at Coso Junction (same basecamp as the Geo Bun Buster), next to Highway rest stop at Gill Station Road.  Camp is behind the Coso Junction Ranch
Store and Gas Station (Diesel available) Horse and people
water available.

Base camp elevation is 3300 ft and trail goes as high as 4800
ft. Ride distance was measured with GPS.

(Dogs welcome, but must be confined at your camp site or on the
leash at all times.)

Entries can be obtained on line at AERC web site or by calling
Ken Burton at (760) 375-7651

Wendy Merendini
Ride Manager

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