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I.D.R.A ride

Dear David,

My husband and I attended your July 3, 1999 I.D.R.A. ride.  I noticed in
recent AERC results that my husband Vincent Attardi was not listed as having
completed this ride with his horse Poco's Lil Buddy (whom I co-own).  My
husband's horse was treated later that day, but did, in fact, vet through on
the final check and received his completion with all A's and B's.  Just to
be sure I had an understanding of the rules, I did check the AERC rulebook
and found the following:

*** All Equines must stand a mandatory post ride evaluation within one
hour of finishing. Riders may present their equines for the final
examination at a time of their choosing during the one hour period. An
equine that does not meet the established criteria within one hour of
crossing the finish line shall be disqualified. Once a competing horse has
passed the post ride examination, it may not be removed from completion for
veterinary reasons.

I also rode the 50 with my horse Meescha.  I finished fifth, 100 feet ahead
of Lisa Winburn.  While there was no one at the finish line, I did also hand
my card to the in-timer ahead of Lisa.  At the awards meeting that evening,
you announced Lisa Winburn as fifth (or third, lightweight) and me as sixth
(fourth, lightweight).  After the awards, I did speak with you about this
and you made a notation and said you would correct it.  As Lisa and I are
friends and were traveling together, I told her I had spoken with you and we
even exchanged award ribbons that night as she said it was an error and I
had absolutely crossed the finish line ahead of her.  The next day, you and
I  also spoke before I left as I had handwritten you a brief letter for you
records about this topic (and to say "thanks" for putting on the ride!) and
handed it to you.  Again, you said it would get handled and sorry for the

I know rides are a huge undertaking to manage and the errors are  oversights
can and will happen, but AERC did suggest that I speak with you and that you
would need to contact them directly with the corrections.  I'd certainly
appreciate if you could do this for me at your earliest convenience as I
would like to also get this issue clarified with our local distance riding
club.  I long ago reported Vincent's completion and my placement as 5th.

Many thanks,

Susan Swope-Attardi
4624 Grand Dell Drive
Crestwood, KY 40014-9795
Phone:  502-222-9100

Susan Swope-Attardi
AERC Southeast Region

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