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Re: RC: M.P.H.

>Hi. I've been trying to figure out the m.p.h. when I go on training 
>rides. I >read that horses go 4mph at a walk. What about a trot and a

The range can be huge.  A person at a brisk walk tends to be around 4
mph, so you can check the walk like that if you like.  In general, mine
walk 2 mph. headed towards the mtn. and 5 mph headed home.

Trot.  Slow jog, 4mph.
Slow posting trot 5 mph.
A decent ground covering trot 7mph.
Whee! We're headed home and this horse has learned to extend 10mph.

Canter, probably 8-10 mph.
If you're going 12 mph, you're out of breath posting, and the horse feels
like he's running more than cantering.

This is pretty loose.  Mark off a mile with your car where there's good
footing on the shoulder, and time yourself.  6 min. is 10 mph., etc.


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