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Quarter Horses and Endurance

Hi All!

I know this thread went around just recently and I must admit I was right in 
the middle of it as I do ride a Quarter Horse.  

Just wanted to brag a little as my Quarter horse and I just came back from 
the Man Against Horse ride in Prescott, Arizona, where we placed a very 
respectful 4th on the 50 mile course.  This is an interesting ride in that 
there is a concurrent 50 mile human race that follows the same trail as the 
horses and hence the name of Man Against Horse.  This was a great ride with a 
tough climb all the way to the top of Mingus Mountain.  Ron Barrett and crew 
did an outstanding job of trail marking.  The awards dinner was absolutely 
delicious.  If you have not done this ride before, you should definitely put 
it on your calendar, you will not be disappointed.

and Boogie (AQHA all the way)

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