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RE: Charity Trail Ride Q's and Endurance

Hi Scott,
I am terribly sorry that I couldn't get you any information in time; as I 
just got your message today.  I have never done any endurance rides, but 
hope to start (I am a "newbie").  My best friend's mom does endurance and 
they are taking me and my horse through the Bell Cow. I am still planning to 
attend that.  As for yesterday at the Charity ride, we had a little goof-up. 
  I went to load my horse into our 2 horse side by side and he wouldn't go 
in!  It took five of us to get him in, and the men that were helping me and 
my mom (they spoke mostly spanish) caused my horse to cut his leg getting 
in.  I think we are sending him to a horse trainer for a couple of weeks to 
cure him of this, but do you have any advice?  I was not able to attend the 
ride, as my mom was afraid that he would not go back in the trailer once the 
ride was over.  He is very well behaved in other areas.  He goes in perfect 
in my friend's 3 horse slant load, but won't get in our side by side.  Has 
anyone else had this problem??  Any advice and help would be much 
appreciated.  Thanks!

>Subject: RE: Charity Trail Ride Q's and Endurance
>Date: Wed, 29 Sep 1999 22:13:10 EDT
>I read your message on Ridecamp about the Oct 2 trail ride.
>Would it be possible to E-mail me some information about the
>ride? I train on the Lake Ray Roberts trails and I plan to ride this
>weekend. Thanks for any information.
>By the way, I will be doing the Bell Cow in Chandler, OK. Do you
>still plan to ride this ride and do you ride many Endurance rides?

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