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Micro chips

 On a previous posting I failed to communicate the correct information.  The 
Director of Animal Control for Palm Beach County recommends EITHER the Home 
Again Chip or the Avid (sp? Anvid) chip.  Now that there are universal 
scanners,  the issue of scanning is not the big deal as it was years ago. The 
choice now sets with using a 
national registry......both the Home Again  Chip and the Avid (sp?) chip have 
national registries.  I just rescued a Rhodesian Ridgeback and the rescue org 
uses the Home Again Chip as it uses the AKC as its' national registry.  Sorry 
for any confusion.....I know I was confused.

Kathy & Luke (4 yo Rhodesian Ridgeback....boy do I like to eat manure!!!) 
Jupiter, Fl

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