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Re: Re: HOOF Help Needed

Epson Salts to relive and drawout any swelling. The Salts will also
>harden the hoof and soles like a hard callous and your hands if you don't
>wear gloves. steven

A 50/50 mix of turpentine and iodine painted or sprayed on the soles a
couple of times a week will harden them nicely.  No more often than 2-3
times a week or your farrier will curse you (as told to me by my farrier).

So. Oregon
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>Subject: RC: HOOF Help Needed
>> Long story, but please bear with me.  Trying to give all the background.
>> My gelding pulled off a shoe, tearing out so much hoof wall that he
>> be reshod.  We left him barefoot, and all of the hoof wall around
>> nail holes broke up on both feet (he's only shod in front).  Eventually,
>> even the bottom edges of the toes broke off.  Was waiting for him to grow
>> enough to be reshod, but during that time he became increasingly lame.
>> x-rayed his front feet and found them fine except for having very thin
>> soles.
>> He was re-shod three weeks ago, following the vet's instructions -- wide
>> shoes (had been using St. Croix eventers anyway) with pads, and silicone
>> injected under the pads.  The farrier was barely able to get shoes on
>> and he's been wearing bell boots to keep him from stepping on the exposed
>> shoe beneath the nails.  Rode him in the ring a week later.  After
>> week, we went back out on the trail for a couple of brief rides.
>> Those first times back out on the trail were last weekend.  No problems
>> first ride.  On the second ride, he stumbled as we crossed through a
>> About twenty feet farther on, he went suddenly lame.  Walked and stopped
>> few times, and then he seemed fine again for the rest of that short ride,
>> walking and trotting.
>> But he's been off-and-on lame this week, while I was out of town.  When I
>> checked him today, I found bulges under the center of both of the pads.
>> silicone shift?  Could he have picked up stones?  What the *ell do I do
>> I DO NOT want to remove these shoes after only three weeks.  He's holding
>> them well (I've starting using Keratex Hoof Hardener and I'm tightening
>> clinches as needed) and there probably wouldn't be enought solid wall to
>> drive new nails.
>> Could I cut out the pads, leaving rim pads?  Recently someone talked
>> filler that can be applied to the bottom of the soles (was that you,
>> Chaton?)  I don't remember the name of the stuff, let alone where to get
>> How long would it stay in place on a horse at pasture 24/7?
>> After fighting mystery lamenesses most of the summer (vet had seen him a
>> couple of months before the time he took x-rays and doesn't think the
>> problem is higher up), I'm frustrated and riding-deprived.  And I hate
>> seeing my adored horse so uncomfortable.
>> What to do?
>> Cindy Eyler
>> Baltimore
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