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Re: RE: Re: another saddle fit question

Title: RE: Re: another saddle fit question
Linda said "Laney mentioned that saddle don't come in different bar lengths.  I don't completely agree.  Barrel saddles are MUCH shorter overall than a roping saddle.  I now have 2 orthoflexes in my barn...  one is 26"+, the other is MUCH shorter - about 231/2".  Many english saddles have shorter panels when compared to a western-style saddle.  Shop around!  You'll find something."
Regarding panel length, I have found that the most flexible (and most naturally the most expensive) option is Reactor Panels, because I can buy one saddle and put either 16", 18", 20", or 22" panels on it.  :-)  Ortho-Flex panels range in size from 22 - 24", and they don't seem interested in making shorter panels (talked to them yesterday).  They said the panels could lay over the horses shoulder blade without problem, but I'd like to avoid that for long rides.  And I have not heard yet from Karen whether Sport Saddles can be ordered in shortened versions.
English panels range in sizes, too, however, we are trying to find the longest panels that will work for our horse, so I think according to Linda that an 18 or 20" panel will work best.  I hope our horse will change sizes alot as he comes into condition, too, so we are trying to avoid a fixed tree.  :-)  I hope he becomes more round and less rectangular (he is WIDE and wither-less). ;-)  I took heart from the story of the 1200 lb horse - thanks again to the person who shared it.
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