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Re: Montana accident, I saw it

     I haven't joined this discussion, but my kindergarten teacher saying,
     "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" keeps
     invading my brain when I read these posts.

     They also remind me of an experiment with eye witnesses I took part in
     during college.  The professor staged a mock purse snatching, and then
     asked the class to describe the incident.  To our surprise, the group
     mentality had people saying they saw exactly what had happened and
     describing the suspect in detail when in fact they were looking for
     things under their desk - not to mention those that did see it giving
     descriptions that were polar opposites from each other.  When the
     "suspect" was brought back in after the class argued for 15 min.,
     everyone was surprised to see what he actually looked like.  I'm not
     saying that's what's happening here, I'm just saying that even eye
     witnesses can make mistakes, and no one should be burned at the stake
     before being allowed to state their side of the story.  Several other
     eye witnesses have said that the riders were very contrite, and even
     offered to help before being told rudely to go away.

     As it seems like those involved aren't able/willing to participate in
     the discussion, it is kind of silly to bash people and re-hash the
     events ad nauseum without being able to really go anywhere.

     That said, I've learned a lot from the discussion of this accident.
     Having never been to a ride, I predict I will scope out the finish
     line and other key areas in detail before ever mounting up.

     But above all, my thoughts are with Mr. Ourey for a speedy and
     complete recovery.

     Birmingham, AL

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Subject: RC: Montana accident, I saw it
Date:    10/1/99 12:41 AM


Shunning her at future rides would be too kind.  Just unbelievable to me.


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