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Re: RC: Montana accident, I saw it

On Thu, 30 Sep 1999 10:13:08 -0600, Lif Strand
<> wrote:

>Corky brings up a good point.  The race to the win doesn't have to be on
>the same stretch of the trail as the race to the finish.  If you can
>have a controlled start, why not a controlled finish?  Would it be
>acceptable within AERC rules if the last quarter of a mile (or whatever
>short distance was necessary to assure safety) was a "no racing zone",
>and the actual finishing order was determined by who reached the "no
>race zone" first?  Total completion time would still be calculated by
>crossing the finish line, or maybe by adding a certain number of minutes
>to everyone's time from the edge of the "no race zone"?  Lif

This is often done.  I've seen finish lines as far as two miles away
from the "end of the trail" when the ride camp was in a congested
area.  For example, the last day of the Shore to Shore ride where you
actually ride through town on paved streets to the beach.  Ride time
is taken as the time you cross the finish line, even though you are
required to ride on the last two miles.


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