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Re: FW: Informacion

I can translate his message and then the responses if you want.  Of course,
if there is someone else out there who is better at this, I defer to them.
N. Ca.
  ----- Original Message -----
  From: Steph Teeter
  Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 1999 11:24 AM
  Subject: RC: FW: Informacion

  Any spanish speakers out there want to answer this request
  for info?

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Juan Carlos Abusleme []
    Sent: Tuesday, September 21, 1999 6:40 PM
    Subject: Informacion

    Estimados Señores :

    Yo practico Enduro ecuestre ya casi un año y me gusta mucho.

    I have been riding endurance for almost a year and I like it a lot.

    Me gustaria saber que libros son apropiados para la interiorización mas
profunda en la preparacion para la prueba.
    I would like to know what books would be appropriate to get a more
in-depth understanding of conditioning for a ride.

    Necesito orientación para poder conseguir una montura apropiada para la
prueba que sea : comoda, liviana y por supuesto no muy costosa.
    I need advice about how to buy an appropriate horse for endurance which
would be "comoda" (this usually means spacious, so I don't know if in this
case, he means large or comfortable), spirited or lively, and, of course,
not very expensive.

    Tambien me gustaria suscribirme a alguna revista informativa al
    I would also like to subscribe to an informative endurance riding
               Agradecido de antemano un amigo Chileno endurista.
    Thanking you in advance, an endurance riding Chilean friend.
                         Juan Carlos Abusleme

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