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Re: Jim Oury

On Tue, 28 Sep 1999 10:13:18 -0700 "Kirsten Price" <>
>This law student/rider found it offensive.... OTOH, I'm getting 
>to it.
>Kirsten (the former "raper and pillager of mother earth" now turning
>"scourge of society")

Sorry, I don't think we should just get accustomed to lawyer bashing. 
This is a sore subject for me.  I worked my butt off putting myself
through college and law school and when I swore to uphold the law, I
meant it.  Stupid as it sounds, I really try to use my license to
practice law to help people and I get irked by comments like Howard's. 
Lawyer jokes are one thing, but the desire to exclude lawyers from rides
and certain groups needs to be addressed, just as any other prejudice
should be addressed.

It's like that line from Shakespeare that is constantly quoted out of
context -- first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.  Yeah that was
said, but the character made the comment because he and the others with
him were intent on subjugating the people and the lawyers would prevent

I appreciate all the positive comments that I did receive and those that
were posted.  As I said, I worked and am working way too hard to just
ignore or get used to comments like the one at issue, and it's good to
know that it's not just me.  Not trying to flame you Howard; I hear
you're nice.  However, so are most of the attorney/riders that I know.


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