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Jim Oury

I've never met the man, Jim Oury, but when I heard that he has no intentions 
of any type of litigation whatsoever, from his accident, I knew he's the kind 
of guy I'd like to meet and get to know.

Those of you quoting statutes and paragraphs from various law publications 
regarding law suits need to know one thing.  A lawyer needs a client to make 
money.  If we started taking away all the clients, maybe we could save our 
civil judicial system from itself and those who run it.

Endurance riding is fun, exciting, and challenging.  But there is an element 
of danger and that's what makes it fun, exciting, and challenging.  Now we're 
going to control the finishes????  Can't wait to see what group starts a 
controlled finish at a ride. That will go over big.  

Just camping out (especially with me) poses a threat to one's personal 
safety.  I mean, you are sleeping with over a hundred horses, ever wonder 
what would happen if they all got loose and started stampeding? (I've thought 
about this one sleeping in my Wal Mart tent at night).  I have yet to see a 
start that's totally safe.  And the ride itself is full of danger.  Isn't 
that the way we like it?  

My hat goes off to Jim and I hope he heals quickly.  I'm glad the RM's are 
there and know that the work they do is incredible.  For any rider to slam an 
RM is something I just don't understand.  If not for them, where would we 
ride?  I have a hard enough time organizing my truck, trailer, and horse to 
get there on time.  Can't imagine what the RMs go thru to pull a ride off.  I 
would never blame them for anything that happens at a ride; it's the people 
attending who cause problems.  Loose dogs, loose kids, loose horses, loose 
women (haha, just kidding),  all elements of danger that come with most rides 
I've been to.

Let's leave the lawyers at home, we don't need them on the trails with us.


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