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Re: RC: Endurance Accident

In a message dated 9/28/99 10:15:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<<   I think that until people =
 get their facts straight,  >>

First, two individuals who were there posted eye witness accounts of the 
accident.  So, as far as having the facts straight, I believe they were.  
Second, no names have been mentioned.  Everyone has been very careful about 
that.  This group is a discussion group where people feel free to air their 
opinions.  Sometimes those opinions can end up sounding judgmental -- if you 
had followed the whole discussion you would see that pretty much every 
perspective was covered while this topic was on the hot seat.  Including the 
fact that it was a race and inherently dangerous.  The discussion was very 
interesting and informative.  I'm sure all of us who read and took part in it 
will be more aware of the fact that a finish line can be a dangerous place 
(whether you're a rider or a spectator).  I'm sure that accident is the stuff 
that nightmares are made of, you have my sincere sympathy.


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